Digital Bytes – January 25th, 2016


Why the 21st Century Classroom May Remind You of Starbucks
Think about the places you like to work. Think about places that are comfortable and you enjoy spending time. Everyone wants their classroom to be an inviting place where kids enjoy learning. Have a look at this teacher’s experience where she tried to make her classroom more like a Starbucks. A place that is inviting and exciting for kids to come to and learn.
Power of Play
This infographic shows a range of quotes and research findings on the power of play.
Teacher’s Guide on How to Create Google Forms
Google Forms has had a bit of a makeover and an update recently. While this may be great for power users, sometimes it can mean a favourite feature is in a new location, which can be a little confusing. This step-by-step guide will help you create a Google Form from start to finish.

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