Digital Bytes 6th June 2016


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Google Drive Templates – Because Caring is Sharing

Who doesn’t love a good template? Erifili Davis has collated a post full of excellent Google Drive Templates, including the FakeBook one shown here.

Check out her suggestions on timelines, presentations, written projects and social media templates.
What Students Feel Learning in a State of Flow

“Flow,” is a state of being where one is completely engaged and absorbed by what they are doing.

Jackie Gerstein believes that one of the roles of educators today is to help set up conditions so learners achieve a state of flow. Read more about Gerstein’s suggestions for how to make this happen.

3 End of Year Reflection Strategies for Students

As the academic year comes to a close, many teachers are considering options for reflection so as to celebrate and highlight growth in learning.

Rebecca Alber has put together some strategies that will engage students, rather than turn them off. Check them out!

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