Digital Bytes 6th February, 2017


Teaching Reading and Thinking Skills with Photographs

Take a look at the 10 photographs in this New York Times article and the accompanying mini lessons to help build your students reading and thinking skills.

After you take your students through the lessons you can share more images from the New York Times section, What’s Going on in this Picture?
The Adaptable Mind

What are the skills that prepare us for a world that is constantly changing?

Isn’t this the question that all teachers want to know? This excellent 10 minute video takes the viewer through the 5 skills that we need to foster in our students.
16 Educational Podcasts

Check out these great educational podcasts from teachers, professors, innovators and skeptics where they share their thoughts about the world of education.

The podcast topics include teaching strategies, the beauty and difficulty of learning, interviews and ideas that will challenge your thinking.

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