Introducing the Spacebusters

Looking to revamp your learning space?

If you’ve been following our Flipboard of resources, or you are just curious about having a fresh look at your classroom, this post is for you. Classroom redesign is not something you need to ‘go alone.’ What if we saw your space as an opportunity to learn together?
“Teamwork” via Flick taken by Quinn Dombrowski

What does a collaborative classroom makeover involve?

Click here to learn about our process, and listen to this podcast to push your thinking. Consult a coach today to start your audit. DLCs love to think about the ways our digital and physical spaces can come together.  We’d love to think about that with you, so leave a comment here if you’d like us to schedule an appointment to spacebust with you.
“Stay puft marshmellow man” via Flickr by clement127

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  1. LBa says:

    yes please! Been meaning to revamp my space for ages! Would love some consultation.

  2. Excellent! Anticipate an invite to meet with the Spacebusters soon 🙂

  3. K2MaW says:

    Yes please but am 3MaW now not K2MaW!

  4. Hi Mandy,
    Excellent, we will schedule a chat soon!

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