Digital Bytes – 17th April 2017


This new app has the potential to be the app of the year in education. If you haven’t already downloaded it, do it now.

It is incredibly easy to use and perfect for students who want to create a quick video.

One of the best features is the ability to to speak and the app automatically creates the text in real time. You can also add filters to your video and easily share it.


This is beyond amazing. Autodraw from Google is something you just need to try to believe.

Start to draw anything and Autodraw will recognize what you are drawing and give you options. Draw a house and you will see options for buildings pop up. How might you use this with your students? So many possibilities!

10 Apps for Creating Poetry on an iPad

Even though there are a number of apps that you may not have heard of, you can always use the ideas presented with apps you already have.

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