May Round Up: The Networked Teacher Learner

Our five-month challenge started here, and now we are lucky to have our first rotation of what Silvia Tolisano refers to as ‘Mulling it Over.’ 

…an online learning community is a manifestation of connectivism as knowledge is distributed throughout the community of people and devices. A blog would serve as a connectivist tool as it facilitates interaction between peer and social communities of learners, continuity of conversations and allows for anytime, anyplace, anywhere learning (Garcia et al., 2015). Other tenets of connectivism addressed through a blog include the ability to involve external experts, control of the environment by the learner as they make and maintain their own connections, and the shift in the role of the teacher as students become accountable to one another (Garcia, Brown, & Elbeltagi, 2012).From CONNECTIVISM AND BLOGGING by Madeleine Brookes

So before we dig into our first cycle of reading and commenting, please pause and consider the words of the recent student speaker, Kavya, in her address at the Class of 2017 graduation:

“A legacy is not always just about you leave behind, but is also about what other people carry away from you.”

With this in mind, here are our first blog-bundles for May.

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  1. Mark Kilmer says:

    I am interested in joining this challenge.

  2. MrsEm says:

    I would like to start blogging. Perhaps this will give me the impetus to do so?

  3. Hey all…hoping to join in beginning in the June cycle! Sounds like a good opportunity to connect and network with others around the world…

    Sean Walmsley @mrseanwalmsley

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