Digital Bytes 22nd May 2017


Flipgrid is an easy to use video reflection tool.

As a teacher, you can post a prompt and your students can respond with a video reflection. Here is an example from Grade 4 teacher, ADE and Flipgrid Ambassador, Andy McGovern.

As always, remind your students to use headphones for the best quality recording.

Images to Inspire

We know images have the power to spark creative thinking, but we seldom make the most of this fact when providing writing stimuli for students. Thankfully, this website has you covered! You can view by collection (e.g. Inference collection) or by latest image. All images are shared with permission by the original artist, which is great to model for your students.

Quick Draw

Quickdraw is a project from Google which is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize drawings.

You can help and have some fun along the way by adding to the world largest doodling data set. It is a quick timed activity so you only have 20 seconds to create each drawing and Google is trying to guess what you are drawing the whole time.

After you have tried 6 drawings, you can see what other people drew in response to the same prompt you had.

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