Digital Bytes – 5th March, 2018


Pickle Podcast


“Explore life’s trickiest questions with curious kids – and the occasional elephant.”
Pickle is a fantastic podcast out of NYC studios that explores some fantastic questions. Is it ok to tell a lie? What makes a real friend?
Listen with your class, listen with your family, listen on your own. Just listen.
Photo to Text With Google Keep
Google Keep is a great way to write and share notes. But did you know that you can take a photo of text and put it in Google Keep and it will find the text in the photo and turn it into editable text? If you haven’t had a look at Google Keep, I feel this feature makes it worth your time.
Positive News
Do you sometimes feel that the majority of news stories out there are negative? Take some time to explore Positive News which shares stories from around the world with a positive outlook. Maybe you’re interested in the 100 cities that get their energy from renewables or take a look at other stories in categories like environment, lifestyle, science and others.


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