Looking for ways to authentically integrate portfolios into the Maths classroom?

Living and learning in a world where now, more than ever before we use data to tell stories, this post is an incredibly insightful example of the nuances of ‘lines.’ Yes, ‘lines.’ If you think there’s no nuance to be had…I think you will be sorely mistaken.

A separate post here from the same site rounds up submissions from #SWDChallenge, a data-challenge which you can still follow on Twitter, the creations are inspiring:

If you find yourself captivated already, you may want to check out Cole Knaflic ‘s book: Storytelling with Data.

But the diversity of portfolio use amongst mathematicians is broad.  To sip from the fountain rather than be blown away by the fire hydrant, here are our Top Six Maths Blog Posts. If we left your favorite off the list, please let us know about it in the comment section below:

What else might you do with your portfolio in maths?

  1. Make Maths Audible: record a conversation documenting the process of solving a complex problem. Share and listen in to see where your group’s workflow differed.
  2. Unpack what it means to have a mathematical-mindset: 

You see, I believe that we as mathematicians fall into this false sense of security thinking that we understand infinity – and justifiably so. We can prove when certain properties hold for finite-dimensional vector spaces but not for infinite-dimensional vector spaces. We can think about limits as some variable tends to infinity and even understand this well enough to explain it to our students. We talk about it over coffee and write it in our proofs. We have a cute little symbol that we have mastered writing (but let’s be honest, that took some of us a while) and a Latex code that we all know by heart.  We have taken something so big (is big even the right word?) and stuffed it into a small, tangible little package so that we can carry it around in our finite brains and feel like we know something. (Keep reading here)

3. Know your History of Maths: see this example, or consider using our Sutori account to build your own timeline (which you can then embed into a post).

Why should we consider using our portfolios for maths?

Mathematics is a beautiful field that blossoms with our own unique perspectives and experiences. Let’s work towards opening those conversations, let’s challenge our assumptions and foster the growth of a more diverse mathematical community … together. – Towards Embracing Diverse Mathematical Communities by Vanessa Rivera-Quinones


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