Writers’ Fortnight: Coming Soon


What might you create for Writers’ Fortnight 2019?


The Photo Essay

Example A via The Guardian “The Hair Extension Industry in Ukraine”


Example B “Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and Syria”

“Smartphones have emerged as a critical tool for refugees fleeing war-torn countries in recent years, with many using their phones to navigate across Europe, keep in touch with their families, or even integrate in new societies. But a powerful new photo series explores how asylum seekers use their phones in far more personal ways, as well.” (continue reading here)




Example C via Al Jazeera “Hands across the Water”

Spoken Word Poetry

Example A




Example B




Example C







The Visual Poem
















The Video Essay
















Fictional Podcast

Example A: The Walk

Example B: Welcome to Nightvale















Narrated Sketches

















Stop motion and Flip Book Animation

















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