My progress on the EE after EE day

For me today was a very research and planning oriented day and I gained a lot of clarity as of how I need to pursue the EE in both theoretical as well as experimental aspects of it. At the start I was expecting to derive a very complex equation for the model that I am testing but I was able to simplify it so much so that I can apply the knowledge I have learnt in class and be able to creatively apply it to the model. I’m quite satisfied with this simplified version because it makes the process so much easier for me and I think I can get a much better job done for the EE. Of course this doesn’t mean that I have everything sorted out and it will all be smooth sails from here, I will have difficulties in my experiment which can affect the accuracy and precision of my results. I have assessed a few of those today such as the locations of where to observe the interference patterns, which I have narrowed down to 4 lines where I will be observing the intensity of the sounds coming together. I have also thought about the impacts of the surroundings on my experiment and how I would aim to minimise their influence. I’m proud of the fact that I have gotten a big mental blockage of this experiment out of the way, which was posing to be a very big hurdle for me but after persevering through that and getting this research done, I think I can now continue to build a model and plan it out so that I can start experimenting as soon as I can. I hope to start experimenting and gathering data by next week, which would be ideal, so I will need to figure out what I need and how I need to set it up. I have a basic model ready and I have started to think about what to write for the EE as well, which I aim to start writing up soon as well.

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