Lighthouse Service

I chose to do the Lighthouse Motor Skills Service as I am very passionate about helping people and learning to interact with people from different backgrounds from me. In the service, we work with children that have visual and hearing impairments and play games with them. Our objectives are to help the children have fun and to be able to develop different skills in order to make the most of our time with the children. will be addressing LO2 as I will be developing new skills to learn how to communicate in new ways. One example of this is through sign language. We have been given several sessions to plan out our activities with the children and we have also been learning basic sign language to make the children feel more comfortable. This form of communication is definitely challenging and will require continuos practice which I intend to do. Furthermore, there is other important non-verbal communication skills that I must develop. For example, presenting myself in a friendly manner, giving off good body language appearing approachable will all enable me to more successfully communicate with the children.

As leader of the service, I feel it important to set a good example for my fellow volunteers. One of the ways I will do this is through spending time to learn and adapt to the new forms of communication mentioned above. Being the leader is something that will be a new challenge to me (LO2), but I look forward to developing this skill with the help of my peers and guiding teacher.

Another very important aspect to this service will be collaboration. We will have to work together with each other to produce interactive games for the children. It will be upon us to then receive feedback from the teachers of Lighthouse School in order to adapt and alter our activities to ensure they are engaged. I foresee this being a challenge as there will be so many people involved in the ‘team’ which will make it challenging to achieve common goals.


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