DJ Club Reflection 3: Final

We were meant to finish the DJ club activity with a performance but unfortunately, due to COVID,  we were unable to do so. During Lockdown I was able to practice my DJ club skills, with software on the computer, building on what I had been learning at school. In this circumstance, CAS pushed me to take on a challenge which I would never normally do. Musical performances are not something I have a lot of experience doing so this activity forced me to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn a brand new skill. Furthermore, performing in front of my peers in the activity has given more confidence in public performances such as public speaking and I believe this is something I will be able to apply moving forward. Given how successful this opportunity has been, I am looking forward to taking on new artistic opportunities in the future, for example, I may try Kahaani as a new artistic challenge. Added to this, I believe that my skills will be transferable to university as I believe there will be many opportunities where I can perform my DJ skills.

Final Cas Interview


Overall, I have really appreciated and enjoyed being pushed by CAS to do experiences that I usually would not do. Over the past year, I involved myself in dances and clubs to fulfil different requirements, forcing myself out of my comfort zone to develop my levels of confidence in accepting new challenges. I have been able to develop my communication and teamwork skills through both my activities (basketball and football) and my service (lighthouse motor skills). My service and my team as captain of the football team also gave me a leadership role which taught me a lot about how best to manage and lead people in an effective manner. LO1 has been particular significant for me as I have noticed myself really making an effort to step back and reflect on the outcomes of different things I have done and how I can improve them in the future.

Arundhati Roy

The various posters stare down at us in the room. They tut to themselves disapprovingly at our conversation, wondering when we will consider the beauty of Arundhati words. The students, little plankton in the ocean of the literary world.  It was raining that day in Tampines, the raindrops were slanted silver ropes which slammed into loose earth, ploughing it up like gun-fire.


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