DJ Club Reflection 3: Final

We were meant to finish the DJ club activity with a performance but unfortunately, due to COVID,  we were unable to do so. During Lockdown I was able to practice my DJ club skills, with software on the computer, building on what I had been learning at school. In this circumstance, CAS pushed me to take on a challenge which I would never normally do. Musical performances are not something I have a lot of experience doing so this activity forced me to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn a brand new skill. Furthermore, performing in front of my peers in the activity has given more confidence in public performances such as public speaking and I believe this is something I will be able to apply moving forward. Given how successful this opportunity has been, I am looking forward to taking on new artistic opportunities in the future, for example, I may try Kahaani as a new artistic challenge. Added to this, I believe that my skills will be transferable to university as I believe there will be many opportunities where I can perform my DJ skills.

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