Hopes and expectations – Kahaani ’17

I signed up for Kahaani, which is an Indian dance showcase project. I joined because many of my friends told me it was very fun last year, and I thought it will be a good opportunity for me to learn other culture and their dances. Furthermore, I will be able to be interactive with girls from other grades, therefore I thought I will be able to know more people in the UWC community. What’s interesting about Kahaani is that it is all student-led, therefore, all the choreographies and formations were made by the student leaders. Since it is led by students, I think collaboration and communication will be significant, because they will need help and tolerance from the dancers when unexpected events happen.

The first practice was on Thursday, and I already learned the importance of collaboration, since when we were learning all the moves and positions, many suggested a more efficient way to create one artwork. This reminded me how one art is created with the help of many.

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