JAS Hula Dance Performance

On 9 September, I performed at the National Stadium for the Japanese Association Summer Festival 2018. I performed with theĀ  30 other dancers from my Hula dance class in front of a huge audience. I only danced one dance, which was Kahiko (the traditional dance) but I think it was a nice way to put an end to my hula dance performing years. I decided not to perform anymore this year because of my busy schedule at school and such. I wanted to focus on academics and also give some time for me to rest, if not studying.

I am quite disappointed, however, because I wanted to perform at a competition with my previous dance team in Tokyo. I wanted to dance with them as the last performance of my high school years. This is because they’ve known me since I was three years old and watched me work hard to reach the competition team’s level. I really wanted to perform with them at a big stage where it requires months of commitment to complete an ‘artwork’.

One of the things that I realised once again through the performance on the 9th, was how a dance seems complete with every individual fully participating. It informed me about the importance of collaboration and also how we need to be aware of each other. Being aware not only indicates one caring for another, but also respecting each other as performers.

LO5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

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