Project Week Demonstration

This valuable experience provided me with an extensive knowledge of NGOs in developing countries. I realised how difficult it is for NGOs in those countries to figure out the logistics and such due to their limitations in their educational or societal backgrounds. Additionally, as a global politics student, I wanted to learn more about the limitations that NGOs face in contemporary global politics. Hence for my global politics IA, I researched a non-state actor in Singapore and their nature for power. I volunteered at an NGO called Action for AIDS and I realised the differences in the NGOs in Singapore and the Philippines. These two insightful experiences together demonstrated the important role that NGOs play in every part of the world to represent voices on local or communal levels.

Furthermore, surfing made me realise my interest in water sports and taught me the importance of taking risks. For this reason, I am now motivated to start playing a new sport once my academic schedule becomes less hectic. Learning a new sport will develop me physically, but also mentally as a mean to push my limits and apply knowledge that I’ve gained from other activities.

Overall project week was more than a CAS project, it truly impacted my political curiosity and prompted me to take risks to acquire new knowledge.

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