EE – reflection after meeting

Was my research successful?

Yes my research was successful. I have no primary research but I have secondary research. Nevertheless, some of the information I found weren’t related to the research question and therefore, I have to cut down or rephrase some of my paragraphs to link it back to the practitioner.

What did I learn from the experience in terms of my understanding of the subject area and/or the skills needed to undertake research?

I deepened my understanding about the different techniques to approach acting. This was interesting as it helped me build a more reliable/helpful acting technique for myself. Furthermore, learning about all the different theatre practitioners helped me with Theatre in IB.

If I changed my approach or strategies during the process, why did I do this?

Throughout the task, I had trouble keeping all my information organised because the more I read, the more information I wanted to add. Therefore, I decided to work on the topic I set myself to do and copy the link or text of the other information in a separate doc. I came back to it around the end and realised most of it was not linked to my EE question.

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