Reflecting on Reflecting (???)

Whenever teachers encourage me to “reflect on what you took away from this experience”, my first response tends to be an eye roll. Maybe a snicker. The idea that writing about things I learned in this format made me think of a diary… of my school life. I didn’t see the point. But I am starting, slowly, to understand its value. Turning the voice into my head onto words on my screen makes me realise how much an event, however small or insignificant on the surface, can actually resonate with me. It trains me to be present, all the time, in the sense that it makes me understand the importance of observation and interaction with everything. Not everything is a learning experience right away. Reflecting on my Muay Thai was something that I did not see possible, what could I introspect about repeatedly punching a bag? But reading back on that post now, and the thought I put into it, fascinates me. I am interested to see where this goes.

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