The Beginning of my CP

The first real practice of our CP (including a ten minute session at the end of the previous lesson where we brainstormed) was very productive. We walked in with a lot of ideas. We all knew we wanted to do something abstract, and we kind of wanted to play with lights and possibly an unconventional stage. For stimulus, Kate brought a poem, Andrea brought the idea of a diamond, and I brought the phrase “the grass is always greener on the other side”, from that we all came to the idea of inequality, or the idea of our relationship with stuff other people don’t have. I really wanted to play with the idea of using light as a barrier, so we got ¬†spotlight and a block. I was in the spotlight with the block, and we tried to do some stuff with the idea of me having the light and the block. We played with sticks a bit to show this idea, but ultimately abandoned it. I suggested the use of a sheet as it’s more flexible and we can do a lot more things with it. We then played with the idea of having a diagonal line across the stage; me in the spotlight downstage right, with the other end upstage left. We played with the idea of them having the sheet and me taking it or wanting it and exploring it. Then Bailee had the idea of laying the sheet on the ground, kind of like a runway. We then played with the idea of all of us coming from nothing, and then going to discover it. But, the other girls couldn’t really touch it, while I walked on it. Then when I got to the middle I would try to touch it and Bailee would grab me, we’d freeze, and then I’d gather up the entire sheet and go back to the spotlight. Then they would keep trying to get it from me, eventually succeeding by getting Andrea to use Columbian hypnosis on me so they could steal it. The idea was that it would show how some people steal from the masses and how that results in inequality.

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