Outlooks – Success and Happiness Reflection

Has the positivity challenge had an impact? Have you considered different ways to view happiness? Has any of this changed your outlook? Are you still a cynic? Tell us. Remember, journaling about a positive experience can be beneficial, and failing that, having a good moan also feels good! Reading one of the articles below might help you prompt your thinking.


The positivity challenge has had a major impact on my life and taught me how to go about life in a different way. in fact, the positivity challenge has been so helpful that I have spread it to members of my family as well and they have thanked me for introducing it in their lives. I am still cynical because that is how I am and that is what life is at the end of the day, you can’t go against society! One positive experience that I do every night before going to bed is that I think of a positive experience and this positively benefits me.