Try4Cambodia group 22

Try4Cambodia group 22

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Effective Communication

We can communicate effectively with our service partners by having a consistent form of communication: eg, Whatsapp, email, Messanger etc. This way, it’s easier for us to contact our local contacts(driver, service partner, activity providers) when it comes to asking any questions or trying to reach out to them in regards to planning. In our case, we have kept touch with our service partner by email and by Whatsapp. 

Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Aveek – Media Coordinator
  2. Armaan – Service Coordinator
  3. Advaith – Logistics Coordinator
  4. Aryaman – Medical Officer
  5. Zubin – Minutes

Forming our project week group of 4-6 was slightly challenging, mainly due to the fact that friendships were involved. However, we learnt quickly and grew from this experience in a couple of days, finally objectively deciding on our group members. The group consisted of us 4 (Myself, Advaith, Aryaman, Armaan) with a later addition of Zubin, a person who we were not quite close to. Deciding on where to go was easy, because 2 of our members (Aryaman and Armaan) were in a Global Concern that supported an NGO called Kampuchea Balopp in Cambodia. All of us agreed that working for a NGO promoting a healthy lifestyle, gender equality and sustainable communities to children in Cambodian national schools, was a good cause. The location of Phnom Penh, Cambodia centred around external factors such as cost, safety and amount of learning expected.


Planning was intensive and very structured, planning went smoothly due to our group managing time very well. Also thanks to Ms. Toth (Project week coordinator) for making all plans and documentation templates.

As previously mentioned (under the podcast), our roles and responsibilities were allocated efficiently and without argument, solely based on the strengths and weaknesses in each of us. Flight tickets and hotel reservation were booked by me after extensive deliberation with group members. Advaith booked activities, Aryaman first aid, and Armaan coordinating service provider along with transport. Since I was also the media officer, I put together a podcast along with multiple recordings, along with a mid-week reflection as well. Our passport details and itinerary was clearly made and updated in our official planning document.

This planning also included getting official documents signed by multiple school staff, organisations and even our parents! And as expected, there were tons of emails written to everybody involved, back and forth. Our planning paid off in the end!

And here is a link to ALL our planning


Entire itinerary can be found on planning folder linked in ‘Preparation’


Day 1 – Arrival

Arrival at the airport, check-in with service partner and head to hotel

Day 2 – Service/action

Service from 8am-5pm with lunch break in between and a 1 hour semi-hike up hills to see various temples. 

Day 3 – Service

Service from 8am-5pm with lunch break, also including the computer skills session with the rugby coaches.

Day 4 – Service

Again service from 8am-5pm with lunch break, also including another computer skills session with the rugby coaches.

NOTE Service is basically training kids/playing rugby to help the NGO, also conducted interviews with few coaches to take back to Singapore to see how the Global concern at our campus impacts them on the ground.

Day 5 – Activity/Creativity

20km cycling in the morning followed by lunch, and an early dinner that we cooked (cooking session), these activities took up the day. YAY activity and creativity completed!

Day 6 – Creativity/Reflective/Departure

Rest/reflection day with a surprisingly educational and reflective visit to the S-21 Prison, learned about ethical and global concerns about the Khmer Rouge. Later met an old survivor, narrating his story at the now converted, museum.

Leave for the airport, say thank you to our transport/NGO and leave happily for Singapore!


Video can be found here

Learning Outcomes Achieved


Amazing quotes

Guys, we’re in Siem Reap

Zubin Jain

Student, Group 22

Shut your trap

Aveek Das

Media Coordinator, Group 22