Language and Mass Communication
I agree with Galtung and Ruge that the 12 factors suggested by them is important in determining whether a particular piece of news is worthy or not. Based on the Galtung and Ruge news value, it involves important people in a recent event talking about an issue that is meaningful to every individual (equality)  and although it is in the tennis world, the main issue behind it is of global concern. Not only can it be explained easily but from what is already known, we can continue to build the story from what is already known, and it relates to something that is of a personal inner interest as we face it everyday.  It has elements of the 12 factors except for elite nations (since it does not involve affairs with powerful nations) and unexpectedness (the problems of sexism have been reported multiple times before in various fields with regard to androcentrism). The news in my opinion is worthy as it is first of all talking about Serena Williams who holds a total of 23 Grand Slam singles titles. As the match ended with Osaka defeating Serena, winning her first Grand Slam title and also making history in the world of tennis. But during the second set of the match, there was a controversy of code violation for coaching. Serena pointed out when she broke her racket and received a point penalty, that many male players in the past have done the same thing but have managed to got away. The idea that the world of tennis and many more things in the 21st century still has sexism is an utter shame. Today we live in a world judged, based and created around that shame. A woman has as much rights as a man does. We need to dispel this ignorant thinking that has become a part of everyday life and do something about this issue. I support Serena William in her claim and find it worthy that every society must not think that men are outspoken for when they stand for themselves and women are hysterical.

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