Final Reflection

The whole EE process has been enlightening. In research, I learned to aim for precision and structure, presenting only direct relevant information to the research question. After facing issues with capsaicin solubility, using soxhlet extraction of cayenne led to pure soluble capsaicin. Measuring the dependent variable changed from bacterial colony count and percentage cover to zones of inhibition for consistency and clarity of data. But I could still improve my methodology. My control disc for the zones of inhibition had issues as the pure ethanol had not fully evaporated and led to skewed results. However, because there was evidence of inhibition on e.coli and b.cereus from the pure capsaicin on its own, I was able to conclude that my hypothesis for inhibition was reliable. If I were to do my research again, I would wait longer for the ethanol to completely dry off or use an organic solvent that did not have inhibitory properties such as methanol. I would advise future students doing a similar EE to narrow your research question and defining variables concisely. Also, starting as early as possible to maximize attempts for method modification and making your findings quantifiable for proper analysis.

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