Memories and Images

Each image we take is a snapshot of a memory. A portrait can tell a life story, one that is filled with seconds of vividity. We can look back to the pictures we have taken and wonder how much we have given away. The Memory Project helped me to understand that.

The Memory Project not only helped me regain my passion for painting but for life as well. The main goal of the project is preserving the children’s stories in paintings of their portraits to hopefully bring about a better world. Reducing one’s life story into brushes of paint is hard. Not only to gain resemblance to the subject but to convey meaning in it as well. Conveying the heartfelt meaning in their memory is a challenge I might never be able to achieve but I hope to retain the same childhood experience everyone has had. The Memory Project is a testament, that through art, through the still frame of a camera, people are remembered and never forgotten.

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