See The Old Man

We picked ‘The Old Man and The Sea” because it was short and easy to read. Some people from our team were not keen to read along and hard book. We wanted to start grade 10 with a slow paced book. Before reading this book, I thought it would be boring as the cover page did not catch my attention. No one knew what the book was going to be about so I thought it was going to be a novel about an old man explaining why the sea was beautiful. By the end of the book, I thought it was really interesting as it reflects the life of a human being. The old man finally caught a really big fish after chasing it for 3 days on a boat. But, this fish was eaten by the sharks and by the time he reached the shore, almost none of it was left. I thought this reflected how everything does not go as planned sometimes, even if we work hard. Although I found this book interesting, I would not consider reading other books by this author. Mainly because I do not like reading literary fiction books.


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