Before the final game on Friday, we had one more training on Wednesday. Actually, that training session was the most tiring, the funniest and very useful training session I ever had in the team. Every time there is a wrong playing technique, the coach would stop the game and explain things to us. Without correcting those mistakes, we were not led to continuing playing. By doing this it was possible to correct our mistakes before it develops and becomes harder to avoid. After all, it was to give us a solid understanding of football which is a team game. Therefore we can begin looking for teammates to pass the ball more and to be there as an option when they need to pass the ball to someone. Interestingly the final game we managed to win 14 – 0 which was a great victory of the season for us.

Looking back at where I started this season and how I ended up; I would say I have improved a lot. As I began football in the goals team since last year in grade 11, the transition I cam through is quite fast. I remember the first game where I got no clue of the game and used to rush everywhere. I played as a defense based on my running skills but I did not move forward. As I began to be aware of the field, positions, and the game I moved to a defensive midfielder. This year, as my understanding of positions and roles develop, I moved to play attacking central midfielder or/and sometimes striker. It was a step by step change and all the training sessions I had and the commitment I made to do personal practice as well were very useful. Beyond this, the advice I get from my coach on the different level of growth was very important to me. It helped me to focus on my personal weaknesses and ways to improve them.

Finally, it was a season full of amazing friendship, hard work, good mentality, improvement, and fun. As a senior, it was my final formal game at UWC and ending the season with such a victory was great. It is a nice way to remember it back and I am glad that it all happened with everyone in the team.