Week 1:

For my first week of November, I went to the gym again but this time changed my training program slightly so that I would be working on the areas I had originally set goals to for this month. One of the things I mainly wanted to work on was my stamina and how long I actually did my workout for because previously I saw that my workouts were not done in a well thought out manner. Although I burnt fewer calories than previous workouts from October, my workout was more meaningful this time and I felt like I was able to increase my stamina by running and walking more for longer periods of times. I also did more walking uphill which was great for my cardiovascular endurance and I think that the training is helping get me ready for when I go to Bhutan and trek there.

Time: 40 Minutes

Week 2:

This week I decided to make a salad for my breakfast at the weekend. I think I chose this because I haven’t been eating the healthiest lately and I really wanted to take in some fresh nutrients and some vegetables. However, because I was having a late breakfast, I also had to think about what will be filling and hearty enough for me to get through the entire day with. This is why I have some croutons. tuna and egg on the salad. The tuna adds good protein, the egg has many nutritional benefits and the croutons are a good source of carbohydrates to keep me energized. I think that though this is probably not the healthiest salad, I have all aspects of a healthy, well-balanced meal.

Time: 20 Minutes


Week 3

This week, I decided to do an extended workout and try and work on my stamina more than previous weeks. I feel like by going at a slightly slower pace, I was able to lift up my stamina and be able to run for longer periods of time. I usually only run for 8 minutes at a time but this time, I ran for 12 minutes at a time. I also was able to continue running without my usual stitch and overall improve my distance. I ran for 6.25 km today and lost 400 calories. My aim for today was to improve my distance and I think I did that well overall so I was proud of myself.

Time: 55 Minutes

Because my workout was very successful yesterday. I tried to do another workout on the following day, doing this workout was very effective and I felt very refreshed afterwards. I think that I was also able to push myself slightly further and ran slightly faster than previously. I ran for 6.25km for 413.4 calories. Although it was very effective and it was a good workout, I realised how tough working out two days back to back can be tough and it’d be better if I spaced out my workouts more from now on.

Time: 50 Minutes

Week 4:

I was very busy this weekend and I honestly didn’t think I would have time for a workout but I decided to half my usual time to make sure that I was at least getting a short workout in the week. This time, I only burned 200 calories in 25 minutes but I think that I did try very hard and did improve my stamina because the majority of that time was running. I didn’t really have an aim for today but I think I did a complete a good workout even in the limited time frame.

Time: 25 Minutes


Total Time: 3 Hours 10 Minutes


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