Grade 9 End of Year Science Exam

Personal Response:

a) I feel after getting my test back, I am proud of my improvement in some areas but at the same time, I am disappointed in myself as I know I could have done better with all my silly mistakes and things that I missed out.

b) I feel like this because I know that if I had studied a little harder to remember and memorise all the keywords and the equations, I think I may have been able to gain a higher grade.

Exam Technique:

a) Two things I have learnt about exam techniques are to take deep breaths to calm myself down before the tests and get myself thinking cognitively. I also have learnt not to discuss answers after tests because this ends up freaking myself out and does not do anything towards my learning or my improvement overall.

Looking Forward:

I think I need to reflect on this test, and looking forward, I hope to improve on my Physics by studying and trying to understand the concepts fully. I think that may have been the cause of some of my mistakes, especially as there were a few gaps in my understanding and comprehension. I also think I would like to focus on making more flashcards with keywords to reinforce this learning and to continuously remember throughout the year. I will also try and be mindful to keep my stress levels low during tests to be able to show all my abilities on the paper. I also need to work on not comparing myself to others as this lowers my self esteem.

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