doing more with diigo


Diigo is a great way to keep track of all of your bookmarks in the cloud so that they can be readily pulled up on any device connected to the Internet. Yes, and…  there’s a whole lot more that it can do.

Diigo works best when it’s tools are integrated right in to your browser.  You can install the tools for any modern browser and enjoy the convenience of bookmarking, highlighting and annotating without interrupting your work flow.

Try this:

  • Use the Highlight button to highlight text on a web page.  Your highlights stay and are visible to you when you come back to the page.
  • Open a web page with an image and “right click” on that image…  you can save the image directly to you diigo account.
  • Create a Smart Folder for a praticular tag.
  • Join a Group and explore the sharing aspects of the group.  (UWC Teachers)

Using diigo with a class.

 You can create a group for your class(es).  Check with your Digital Literacy Coach to see if student accounts have already been made.  The best way to get them into your group is to choose option 3 – invite by email.
Establishing a Tag Dictionary for your group allows you to better organize your information and eliminate similar words that mean the same thing (i.e. Math, Maths, Mathematics).
You and your students can save things you bookmark to your group along with your annotations. As an added bonus, you can embed a widget that displays the group’s links in your website, course page or blog.

What interesting uses of diigo will you try with your class?

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