Transient Workers Count Too- TWC2

When a migrant worker commits a crime who is to blame really? In some cases it should be obvious, and yet at other times it isn’t so clear-cut. If a migrant worker who is unable to have a job because they are barred from working commits theft or takes on a job illegally can we truly say that it was their fault? It could be argued that in order for there to be guilt there needs to be a choice. These workers are being denied much of a choice. When the two options are steal or starve I really don’t think that there are many options open to them. Despite what Seema said, I can’t agree that the same crime must always be punished equally at all times. It is far more justifiable for a person who is getting by but commits fraud out of greed to be thrown in jail than for the system to punish someone who commits the same act because the system forced them into that situation. The point really is that for something to be considered ethical decision there should be a reasonable choices presented. When the only choice left is to turn to crime, can we really blame anyone for doing so?

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One thought on “Transient Workers Count Too- TWC2

  • January 29, 2018 at 12:01 am

    Agreed…systemic inequities make moral judgement and ideas about justice very murky indeed.


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