An Introduction to Grade 11 Life

The three things that I learned while reading through a previous eleventh grade digital portfolio:

Students at UWCSEA are passionate – The sample digital portfolio contained numerous blogs that highlighted different interests and passions that the student has, including her deep interest in the sciences, but also for writing. In her blog posts, while being informative and reflective, it’s simple to see that she is a strong writer. Someone who enjoys using words to create a situation that allows the reader to not just read, but understand. I can see that she’s passionate enough about the sciences to focus her Extended Essay on Biology, but also being creative enough to use Biology in connected with herself, as opposed to a formal science report. Below is a link to her blog post where she shared her personal experience with the topic she chose to study in her Extended Essay.

Students at UWCSEA are committed – The sample digital portfolio focuses on the different CAS commitments that the student currently has, especially her love and commitment to working with different support groups for children with cleft lip and palettes such as SmileAsia. I can easily see that she actively chooses to volunteer with this specific group and concern, and that she chooses to go as far as she can by attending conferences, carnivals, and speaker sessions wherein she is able to contribute and interact with others who share her drive and desire to continue helping the community. Below is just one of her numerous blog posts about the experiences that she was able to have when working with SmileAsia.

Students at UWCSEA are given a variety of options that allow one to customize their life here in and around school – Being new to the school gives such an insight to the privileges and experiences that students here at UWCSEA have. From traveling to other parts of Asia, getting involved in activities within the school, and finding something in the range of options that they love, I’m hoping that since the doors have been open to me now as well, I can become like the students here at UWCSEA, in that I find my passions and my commitments.

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