PSE: Relationship Banking


In terms of meeting with adults from partnerships such as Extended Essay supervising, Project Week supervising, or University Advising, it is really important to be able to understand what qualities are important to building and maintaining solid relationships. I believe that one of these key qualities is politeness. This includes punctuality, respect, and holding up your end of the bargain. If you decided that you want to invest in a relationship with a supervisor, this means that they also will also have to invest time into you.

Sample deposits would:

  • Sending and responding to emails on time
  • Preparing necessary materials
  • Being polite
  • Being cooperative
  • Listening to opinions and suggestions with an open mind
  • Working together to the best of your abilities
  • Not letting your partner do all the work
  • Asking for times that work for the other person
  • Being on time to meetings
  • Submitting materials by proper deadlines – not too late that supervisors can’t look at them


Preparation involves a lot of personal awareness about your own schedules and abilities. Therefore, if you think that it’s going to be too hard to meet at the predetermined meeting or to complete a task that you said you would complete, it’s better to inform the supervisor in advance. It helps both parties, as they are aware of your struggles and they are therefore much more akin to helping you, or at least support you.

Who are people in the future with whom you might have professional relationships with? How will you keep those relationships in the positive?

In the future, it’s highly likely that regardless of what career path I choose to take, I will encounter sorts of professional relationships with others. This includes working inside a company where there are many different levels of jobs, such as different types of managers or people who work within different departments or regions.

Regardless of how impersonal one knows each other, I think the same sort of deposits that I mentioned above are imperative to keeping lasting positive relationships. Being an agreeable person, one who is polite and cooperative, one who tries their best and holds up their end of the work.


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