Summer Internship at Eurofragrance

So far I have come to better understand how companies like Eurofragrance work, as a fragrance house like Estee Lauder; who play a big role in dictating the trends and demands of the perfumery market and others like cosmetics. I learnt a lot about the objectives of Eurofragrance, that even though they are a smaller fragrance house, and they started this business a little later on than the other better known houses. As such, their work environment is smaller and comprised of lesser employees – personally, I feel that this enhances the teamwork aspect of the business, like the saying goes ‘too many cooks spoil the soup’.

Over the past three days, I think that the time I spent here have been great. I was tasked to create a spreadsheet database to note down all their reference materials. I think this task that was given to me, I did it with a creative and professional mindset. And I think that it came out great! And I hope that they will continue to use this Excel spreadsheet that I made, in the foreseeable future.

I have been told that I am able to get more exposure regarding fine fragrance testing, I am very keen on that!

However, my time spent here so far has led me to find out that this business industry and ethics are not too my taste. I think that I would prefer job that involved more physical work. Perhaps, that is why my ambition is to build bicycle frames.

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