HS Bersama Reflection 1

Absolutely bemused… I made it into Bersama! Going into auditions, I thought that I was not technically gifted with singing, additionally I have never taken a lesson before. But I decided that I would try my best and sing with emotion and empathize with my song. When I heard that I was chosen as the […]

HS Football Team 19&U B Boys – Reflection 2

It is now the half-term break, looking back at the first half of the football season. It has been very hectic and busy. Having only won one game of all the games we have played so far, to say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. There are glimpses of moments where the team play together […]

Interim Reflection from RC2

So far I think that my EE has been a real mix of results. My supervisor told me that I had many points that were really good for justifying my research. However, my structure was not well done because of a few misunderstandings in concepts, for example putting musical structure points into another criteria like […]

HS Football Team 19&U B Boys – Reflection 1

September 2019 begins anew the football season. Feelings of ecstatic-ism and determination as I received the email to be apart of the boys B team. I think that I worked hard to be able to, once again be apart of this school’s pride. Looking forward into the season, I am hoping to further improve on […]

Final Day At The Internship

Today I spend my last day at Eurofragance with a sense of joy and regret. Ultimately deciding to shorten my internship here, seeing that I have only been spending 10% of my time here learning about the art of fragrances, and that my interest did not align. As such, I decided to better spend my […]

Summer Internship at Eurofragrance

So far I have come to better understand how companies like Eurofragrance work, as a fragrance house like Estee Lauder; who play a big role in dictating the trends and demands of the perfumery market and others like cosmetics. I learnt a lot about the objectives of Eurofragrance, that even though they are a smaller […]

SGM Murni Gymnastics Reflection 3

I personally believe that, through implementing small skill sets, not only limited to gymnastics, but also the personal skills that are curated through these sessions, such as adaptability, patience, altruism and responsibility. These kids will be able to grow up with these skills deeply ingrained into their values, because of the significance that they learnt […]