Academic English

Writer’s Fortnight

Chetan Bhaget:
Today Mr. Chetan Bhaget came to our school for writers fortnight. He is listed in the 100 most influentiial people in the world and I was very honoured to had to chance to listen to him. He was very humorous and we all enjoyed this session a lot. He told us about his goal which was to change, it was very aligned with the UWC mission and he has inspired me. He has actually made very impressive progress and almost every grade 9 who comes from India knows about him. I think it was a very valuable session that I could learn from. It was closely related to life, the importance of importance and how to stick to a goal. He also talked about little tips here and there about working and communication and I found it very helpful. There were a lot of people who wanted to ask him questions, and I didn’t get to ask mine; In what way do you think India has changed from when you started writing till now? I wanted to know because I could feel that he has definitely made changes, and I wanted to know how much change one person could make. Obviously he did a lot, but this wasn’t even his planned career, this reminds about the different possibilities in life and how nothing is definite. Overall, today was a very enjoyable experience and I enjoyed it a lot.

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