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Writer’s Fortnight

Steve Dawson
In today’s session we were honoured to have Mr. Steve Dawson come talk to us. He is a commentator on Fox News / ESPN and was talking to us about interview techniques. I was expecting him to talk about his career and books but he was actually teaching us about how to interview people with his personal stories as examples. I found this exceptionally helpful to learn about as this has built a foundation and an insight to the following 2 weeks. It was almost like a workshop to start us off about how we should approach and obtain information respectful and professionally. I found it fascinating how his original career was actually a tax accountant, but then because of this one paper he wrote out of passion he was recognised and got in journalism. I feel that with all the writers that will come in there will always be something more than just the context to take away from. Everything is possible and there are no limitations whatsoever. I think this is a good way of thinking as to career, especially for us. Most of us still see career as a 1 time thing, you choose and you’re done, but reality isn’t this way. From this session, I was able to take away not just the useful tips for asking questions, I have also widened my view on how careers are actually like and it took off a lot of pressure off me.

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  1. I completely agree when you said “it was almost like a workshop to start us off about how we should approach and obtain information respectful and professionally” and it helped me build on my ideas about how that those tips he gave us helped us ask better questions and get better answers. I thought that especially when he said listen to the speaker and adapt your questions through the interview really useful. I also really agree when you talk about him switching jobs, and the infinite possibilities. I thought that his quote “I feel like I haven’t done a day of work since” really showed me that if you find something that you really love working doesn’t feel like a burden.

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