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Singapore is amongst one of the most developed countries in the world. It has achieved all this in the short period of 52 years. We were honoured to have Mrs. Seema, a volunteer from TWC2 (transient workers count too) to come talk to us about the real conditions about the transients workers who made this development possible. I have never thought carefully about where the workers came from or how they they came into Singapore, I’ve always assumed Singapore has a organised and judicial system, where everyone is protected and free. However, my opinion has changed completely after hearing her talk. From I heard and understood, it’s almost like human trafficking. People’s rights are violated and they are not even aware of it. Being raised in an expat family, I feel so dismal for such a difference just because of the different social classes we’re born into. Although in UWCSEA we do a lot of service to try to support them, we can never change this sad truth of the society – you are born into who you are. There are little possibilities of anyone to suddenly change a social class and tragedies like such will never come to an end. We are not exposed to the same resources and opportunities, so how can we build a sustainable future for everyone? The migrant workers are looked down upon and even feared by the citizens in Singapore, but people don’t realise they wouldn’t be living in their house if they haven’t built it. Although the difference in social classes can not be changed, we all can help them to step up in their current social class, by acceptance and equality. By doing so, we are supporting them and building toward a more peaceful future, their social class can slowly develop and move up as generations can develop with adequate resources provided. However, there can never be true acceptance if discrimination still lies deep within ourselves, and I am proud to say that I come from a school that by all means is trying to eradicate discrimination and build a more sustainable future for everyone.

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