English HL Essay Reflection 1

  1. How might you use a thesis statement to provide the effect of the visual and lexical element of the text?

Use a thesis statement to provide the effect of ideas and how it has an impact on the reader. Big ideas (concepts) and themes are important to mention. They need to be rather larger ideas such as consumerism rather than surface-level things such as the “car”.

  1. How might you embed evidence and unpack to avoid simply describing the text?

Use multiple pieces of evidence and go beyond just “describing” it. Provide insight relates to the context (author, themes, concerns, implications, and assumptions), purpose. Link to the big ideas (in thesis strands). Rather than just saying this “this draws the reader’s attention” or “this has an effect”, I need to link it insight, implications, context, or assumptions.

Look at thesis strands one by one, focusing and gathering as much evidence as possible. Additionally, looking at each thesis strand and all the evidence that is available to unpack at a deeper level (insight). The thesis strands need to be larger and be able to go further in insight. Planning is a very important aspect and in exam conditions, using the preparation time more properly. Applying my prior knowledge and understanding as well.

My planning has changed as I am more focused on the preparation and looking at each thesis stands as a bigger idea. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the thesis strands are not so similar.

I am making changes so I can give more insight into a better focus.


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