Global Concern – Kolkata

As GC’s have only begun recently, we have been very focused on learning more about the issue we are trying to help out and the initial planning for Kahaani, our annual Indian dance showcase which is our global concern’s biggest fundraiser.

So far, we have been working towards figuring out our main story idea for the show and what dances we would put in the showcase. Our biggest issue currently is finding a way to tie our cause, helping the visually impaired in Kolkata, India, into it.

  •  Why is this a significant issue? This is a very important issue because it is something that can be cured with money yet so many children are abandoned because of their disability and/or never get any proper treatment. They never integrate into society and live tough lives.
  •  How have my actions had a positive/negative impact on this issue? By being apart of this GC for 3 years, I have been able to collaborate with different groups of people towards one common goal every year. Kahaani is the fundraiser that brings in the most money for the NGO and it also raises awareness about the issue on a large scale. I try my best to contribute to the best of my abilities. As it is so early in the year it is hard to acknowledge any actions but I do plan to help out actively during Kahaani in all aspects so that it can be a successful show and we will be able to reach our goal of raising funds and awareness for the NGO, Voice of World. 
  •  How has my thinking about this issue changed as a result of my participation in this activity? Am I more open-minded, caring, principled as a result? I believe that after learning about the cause and how people struggle with disabilities, I have become a more open-minded person. I am more open to hearing about other people’s stories and learning about their difficulties. I also think I am more organized because organizing such a big event in the school, time management as well as organization is key. Over my past two years of being involved I believe that I am a lot better at it than I was before and hopefully this can lead me to be an even bigger help in this year’s Kahaani then in previous years. 


Learning Objective-  6 GLOBAL VALUE (Engaging with issues of global importance)

Learning Objective-  5 COLLABORATION (Working together to achieve an outcome)

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