EE Day Exit Ticket

EE Day was today, the third of May. Today I did a bunch of different things.
I started off the day with the other World Studies students listening to a talk on the marking criteria for WS EEs. I then met with my EE supervisor in block one to go over what I should do. I then went over what I should do and begun to come up with questions for my questionarre. After that I started reading my main secondary source, taking notes and summarising it. As it is quite lengthy I didn’t get to finishing and that is what I will do next. I also begun drafting my introduction.

  • one thing I’ve learned:
    I learnt about the different marking criteria for a WS essay and I got to know more about how to structure a WS essay. I was really unsure of what all I needed to succeed in a WS essay. This is a lot clearer for me now. 
  • what I’m proud of:
    I am proud of my progress today. I have begun writing my introduction and I have a clear plan of what I need to now. I feel a lot more confident in what I am doing. 
  • what I’ll be doing next:
    I aim to finish reading my primary source of secondary information and finishing my summary notes. I will then share this with my supervisor. I will also finish my introduction. For my 1000 words, I will include my questionarre, introduction and an explanation of the Biology techniques I will use to collect data for my EE.

Project Week Initial Planning

*third time writing this reflection*

  • Planning: – Originally my main focus was to go with my friends and work with children. My friend offered for us to go to Hanoi to visit Blue Dragon a service she has been actively involved in for many years with amazing children. We initially begun as a group of 4, later expanded to a group of 5 that works with another group of 5 for all 5 days at Blue Dragon.
  • All aspect of CAS are met in our project. We plan to attend a yoga class every day for activity. Originally we wanted to do a 2 day trek in Sapa but realised it was not entirely feasible. We will attend a cooking class which will count for creativity. We will be working with the GC, Blue Dragon for the entirety of the trip which will account for the service aspect. Lastly, the planning and execution of project week as a whole will count for CAS project.
  • We have been very organized and worked to each others preferences without much compromise taking place.
  • First Aid Training: I took part in the full day training as I am the designated First Aid person. I throughly enjoyed this training despite the lengthy online course that it came with.I believe it was the perfect job for me as I plan to study medicine and am interested in being a doctor. I learnt a lot of valuable skills that could come in handy at any time and worked on skills I already knew such as CPR.   
  • All flights are booked, the hotel is booked, Blue Dragon is aware and in contact, Yoga classes and Cooking classes have been signed up for. With just a few small nitty gritty logistics to be completed, we’re almost on our way to project week!

The Goals

  •  What are my goals for participating in this activity?
    My goals for project week are mostly to make a lasting impact on the lives of the children at Blue Dragon. I want to be able to help them as much as I possible can in my short stay. 
  •  Do these goals represent a risk for me? Why/why not?
    Yes. I will have to be appropriate with my actions and make sure I don’t get too attached because withdrawal issues can be hard to deal with. 
  •  How am I progressing towards achieving my goals?
    Upon going to the child protection session, I know what I should and shouldn’t do when working with children in order to make the most of my time there without damage. 


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