EE Day Exit Ticket

EE Day was today, the third of May. Today I did a bunch of different things.
I started off the day with the other World Studies students listening to a talk on the marking criteria for WS EEs. I then met with my EE supervisor in block one to go over what I should do. I then went over what I should do and begun to come up with questions for my questionarre. After that I started reading my main secondary source, taking notes and summarising it. As it is quite lengthy I didn’t get to finishing and that is what I will do next. I also begun drafting my introduction.

  • one thing I’ve learned:
    I learnt about the different marking criteria for a WS essay and I got to know more about how to structure a WS essay. I was really unsure of what all I needed to succeed in a WS essay. This is a lot clearer for me now. 
  • what I’m proud of:
    I am proud of my progress today. I have begun writing my introduction and I have a clear plan of what I need to now. I feel a lot more confident in what I am doing. 
  • what I’ll be doing next:
    I aim to finish reading my primary source of secondary information and finishing my summary notes. I will then share this with my supervisor. I will also finish my introduction. For my 1000 words, I will include my questionarre, introduction and an explanation of the Biology techniques I will use to collect data for my EE.

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