Evolution of communication reflection

communication is the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another.”

Recently in Digital perspectives, we were a part of a project which involved creation of a social media timeline.What I discovered was so much wilder than my imagination could ever go to.Being a heavy user of social media myself, I was very intrigued learning about how it all worked in the past.  THE EARLY METHODS OF COMMUNICATION INVOLVED SENDING PIGEONS ACROSS AS MESSENGERS AND HERE WE ARE TODAY, SOARING HEIGHTS WITH THE SCIENCE WE’VE CONQUERED- LIVING IN THE AGE OF SNAPCHAT AND INSTAGRAM.

We learnt that Some of the oldest forms of human communication include  making sounds,  painting, dancing, acting, and using symbols.Making communication was a man’s way out to find an alternative to understand the other person’s dialect and connect on a daily basis.The first phone was created by Elisha Gray,From morse codes to trunk calls to instant messages, I feel we have come a long way and are in waiting for another great invention.


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