Through the Culturama experience, I worked on learning outcome 5. In any group dance, it becomes essential for all members to work collaboratively. During our practices, our dance leaders would work with us to ensure that everyone understood and picked up the steps. If we had any concerns, our leaders were always open to suggestions. The dance itself required a lot of coordination, and at several points, we were paired up, due to which it became necessary for us to work cooperatively with our dance partners. I found that due to our collaboration, we developed a sense of community during the practices that only helped us during our final performance.

Inkling Literary Magazine

This has been an extremely exciting activity for me due to my love for writing. I have worked on learning outcome 4 during this experience as I have shown commitment to my interest in writing. I have not only worked towards improving my skills by exploring a variety of styles of writing, but have also written a poem that has been published on the magazine’s website.

Hopelessly Hopeful


Yoga Activity

I have been a yoga practitioner since grade 8, and this activity allowed me to continue and improve my practice of yoga. I think I have worked on learning outcome 4 as I have been very committed to this activity. I use both the yin and yang styles of yoga that I have learned during this activity for my own practice of yoga at home. This is hence an activity that I have now incorporated into my daily life and enjoy thoroughly.

Psychology Society

Due to my immense interest in the field of psychology, I decided to participate in the psychology society. From the beginning of the season, I think I have worked a lot on learning outcome 7, as in the field of psychology, several ethical considerations need to be taken before something regarding mental health is published or even discussed. As I am part of a team that writes and publishes articles regarding mental health, we need to ensure that what we write will not offend or have an adverse impact on anyone, as that defeats the purpose. Hence we make sure to go over our material several times and cross check with our psychology teachers who run the activity.


Somewhere along the process of meeting school deadlines and starting to fill in university applications, the sense of finality that came along with the last stretch of my high school journey was thrust upon me. I recognised the importance of this event that reverberated with the sentiment of unity within the school, while still celebrating diversity. I participated in the event as part of the German dance. It was a novel and thrilling experience for me. I worked on learning outcome 2 as I have never participated in a dance performance before and found it challenging yet exciting. 

Inkling Literary Magasine

I enjoyed being a part of this activity. I have worked on learning outcome 1 as being a part of this magazine has helped me improve my writing skills through exploring different forms of writing such as poetry and prose. In the first week, we read an interesting poem and had a long discussion on the various stylistic features of the poem and how they work together to bring out meaning, that can vary for different readers. This helped me understand some aspects of poetry that I can include in my own pieces of writing, and was hence very informative.

Extended Essay reflection 3

Writing this extended essay was an exciting learning experience for me that wasn’t as laborious as it initially seemed. One of the most important yet hard decisions was choosing a film from each phase of Disney cinema to analyse. Limiting the number of films, as well as choosing films that were well received in their respective Disney eras, provided me with the opportunity for in depth analysis that had a clear link with my research question. While this did not allow me to analyse as many movies as I had initially wanted, it allowed me to optimise the balance between analysing films from different phases while still being able to explore each phase thoroughly. Hence, I am happy with how the essay went and would not do it any differently.

Extended Essay Reflection 2


So far, my research has been successful. I have managed to find adequate research for the topic of gender inequality in Disney princess movies. I have come across a couple of psychological studies as well that may aid in supporting my research. I have however, faced some challenges in terms of how to specifically write an English category 3 essay that fulfils all the required criteria. After conversing with my EE supervisor, I have realised that I need to use more appropriate terminology that links my essay with the category. Hence, I have changed my approach towards how I write the extended essay by shifting my focus to the stylistic devices used in the movies. I now have a better understanding of how to write the essay and am working on writing it through the lens of the subject area that I have selected.



I enjoyed the work experience and was able to do it despite being out for most of the summer break due to the flexible schedule. I got to learn a lot about what goes behind the working of a company. Both of my supervisors were always contactable and were very warm and helpful when I had any questions. I got to explore different roles such as being a photographer and writing articles about the different activities available for children and families in Singapore. I also learned a lot about what goes behind a website, what kind of words and pictures attract audiences, and how socially media presence is important for a company.

What I initially found challenging was understanding how exactly to post the articles on the website as well as the technicalities behind taking photos. However, with the advice and aid of my mentors I was able to understand this eventually.


Aida was this year’s high school production, with music written by Elton John and Tim Rice. This year, on the 23rd and 24th of January, Tabitha was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to set up a baked goods stand to offer light snacks to the audience before the show began.  

For this event, we baked brownies, as well as sold snacks at the stall. All proceeds from this event went into funding next year’s project week trip to Cambodia, which involves paying for materials to build houses for the underprivileged. Selling and baking goods for a cause we believe in was an extremely enriching experience for us, and we managed to raise a total of around 790 SGD.
Through this experience, we explored learning outcome 5: Demonstrating the skills and recognizing the benefits of working collaboratively. The event incorporated the help of various people within the GC, some baked the goods, some funded the costs going into the goods, and some took time after school to set up and sell to the audience.

We worked together to bake a variety of food items and managed to sell goods efficiently by giving each person at the stall a role. Given the chance to do it again, we would need to work on effectively communicating and predicting just how much food we need for the event, as there was a substantial amount of goods left over after the event. Although this was taken back by the group members, it would be more reasonable to make as much as we are planning to sell. In addition to this, we would also probably cut out the drinks because it did not sell as well as predicted, and the pricing was more complex due to having to rent out additional reusable cups.