On the 25th of May we will be leaving for project week. My group is going to Cambodia to work with a service called ‘Free the Bears’. I think I will work on learning outcome 4 as we have to plan the activities with our service partners. We will also have to work collaboratively with our service partners and hence I will also be working on learning outcome 5. Our planning has been smooth so far. Our service partners have been very responsive and even when there have been doubts or forms for them to sign, they have been quick to respond. I am eagerly looking forward to this trip as I feel strongly towards animal welfare.

One challenge that we might face on project week is working in the wilderness as we are not accustomed to it, however, I am looking forward to doing service and contributing towards animal welfare.


The photography course was extremely helpful to me. I learned how to adjust the ISO of a photograph as well as at what focal length and conditions it is needed to be adjusted. I also had an incredible time experimenting with flash photography in a dark room. I think my photography experience as a whole highlights learning outcome 4. I was very committed to the activity and still make use of the techniques I have learned.