I have found service with SUNDAC to be a rewarding and enriching experience on the whole. Recently, we were focusing mainly on improving the motor skills of our clients through the use of music. We practised different beats on the drums and created a sequence that we performed alongside SUNDAC for a primary school close to our school. It was heartwarming to see the interaction between the children and SUNDAC. It was a new experience for me as I have never played the drums before and learned some beats with our service partners. We had to work collaboratively amongst ourselves, with our service partners, and with the primary school in order to achieve this experience. Hence I feel that  by doing so, I worked on learning outcome 5.


Overall, pre- season netball has been an interesting activity. I have learned several different exercises; with and without the use of balls. It helps in improving my overall fitness as well as is an interesting team sport that I have never played before. I think I worked on learning outcome 5 as I had to work collaboratively with a team to play the sport.