What have you learned about Islamophobia and the Hijab? In what ways has it changed your earlier perceptions about isalm?

In fact, I do not have a lot of background knowledge about Muslin history and the word “Islamophobia. Therefore, when we first saw this word on our English class, my understanding toward it is superficial. I though it is just a word for describing the stereotypical fares produced others towards Muslin, but it contains more layers of meaning than I thought. I notice that Muslim woman are more exposing to the world’s misunderstandings than man since their appearance, such as hijab clearly labels them as muslim, even though a lot of stereotypical fears are produced by Muslim man. Additionally, Muslim people have to face race problems such as not getting a job from interview and being discriminated just because they are Muslin. In the interview we watched, the participants clearly say they want the official to provide a definition about Islamophobia so that public can understand what is it and their experience.

Moving on to the hijab topic. From the very first where government is trying to create a solution to prevent woman’s situation. When woman dress freely during the night, they are likely to attacked by men. A group of people set the crimes on women, who’s appearance is attracting the men. Therefore, they set women to wear similarly so that men can not distinguish from the appearance. Some rules they set towards women really shocked me in a sense that the women are always treated unequally throughout the history. Not only in Islam community, but the whole world. After these two lessons, I have a more general understanding of the religion itself, as well as the social problems they suffered and it has become the burden for the whole community.


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