#LO5 Music showcase

We finished our music showcase at the start of February by performing for two shows per day from Monday to Thursday. Throughout the whole process, we get to know each other better and I further developed my performing skills. Unfortunately, we have to wear masks due to Covid’s situation, so we can not fully express […]

#LO1 Graphic skills

In the graphic skills activity, I further developed my sketching skills using different tools such as pencil and marker, moreover, I also developed a habit which I draw one sketch every day to keep and enhance my skills.  This activity really helps with the understanding of how the art portfolio works and getting to prepare […]


In my focus group – Gender, Education, Period, we focus on number 1 and 5 SDGs meanly, which is no poverty and gender equality.  In the past few months, we contacted organizations that work in relatively poverty area where women there do not have abundant access to the period product. For instance, we connected to […]

PSE reflection

1.Self Reflection- What were some of the most interesting discoveries you made about yourself through the Myers Briggs and Holland Code tests? How has your planning for the future changed or stayed the same during this unit? (100 words). I got two different results for each time when I do the test. My 4 letters […]

100 days so far IB

We had been survived in IB for almost 100 days. In these 100 days, I participated in a range of activities including creativity, collaboration, and local service.  Apparently, I participate in the rehearsal for the music showcase which will meet the audience soon. This experience and joyful as well as fulfilling, although it took up […]

What have you learned about Islamophobia and the Hijab? In what ways has it changed your earlier perceptions about isalm?

In fact, I do not have a lot of background knowledge about Muslin history and the word “Islamophobia. Therefore, when we first saw this word on our English class, my understanding toward it is superficial. I though it is just a word for describing the stereotypical fares produced others towards Muslin, but it contains more […]


主旨: 海展现了父母对孩子的保护。由于在海上漂泊实在太苦了。越是压抑,越发吸引。 层次:反复 递进 -对海的好奇程度,狂热程度。 海是有双重性的,一方面有着不同的景致,机遇和危机是共存的,福与祸是相依的。它不断召唤你,对于未知的试探。换句话说,这世界是藏不住的,父母永远不可能保护我们一辈子。 这个世界很大,我们如何跟这个世界去相处。人的天性是好奇,且是无法改变的,越是压抑越是奋不顾身的投进去,而这个世界对我们充满诱惑,所以这些都不是跟我们相处的方式。 人的内心需要有一个安宁的世界,一个人的这份不孤独的安宁。距离感可以理解成平衡,当把握住这份阿、安宁的时候,便找到了与海,与世界相处的方式。这篇文章让我们看透这个世界最本质的面貌是什么样,更是认识自我,能否守得住自己一个人孤单的安宁,是一种幸福。人自身与他人与这个世界相处的方式。  

The Finkelstein 5

The short story’s central plot involves fallout from a trial in which a white man has been acquitted for the murders of five Black children. It begins with the main character Emmanuel Gyan waking up from what appears to be a nightmare about a girl named Fela. It discusses racism and sarcasm, in a sense […]