Discuss stereotypical challenges facing by Muslims

The traditional and stereotypical image Huda aims to challenge is the outsiders view the Muslim women as a group of conservative and nonscientific people. They do not open themselves to other people and usually have a faith in the beliefs. There are also misconceptions towards their wearings such as hijab and burka. Huda challenges the image by painting Muslim women’s daily experiences and some circumstances they might face in her cartoon. They challenge the image by breaking the biases towards Muslims. The cartoons often resonate with the audience as they might experience similar situations, especially the religious minorities. She aims to encourage Muslim women to be themselves by ignoring other’s biased and be confident in their beliefs. Huda utilizes humor and sarcasm in her cartoons as a way to convey the deeper meanings behind them. Since cartoon is supposed to make the audience fun, when she puts humor in the circumstance adds an additional layer of sarcasm.

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