Medea- reflection

How do we decide in our own lives who belongs and who doesn’t? How do cliques operate?

A sense of belongings can be obtained when a person’s perspective and views toward life and society match with a group of people. That builds up cliques when all the people in the union share similar beliefs and values. It is more highly dependent on your background experiences, for instance, the place you lived for 10 years. Since you are familiar with the surrounding objects and people, you will find a sense of belongings.

More broadly, who constitutes “we,” especially when it’s so difficult to arrive at and locate a common voice, stance, or attitude on a given issue?

The word “we” refers to the people that are confused about their belongings and identity during their own circumstances, that is why they will ask the question.

How does this relate to Home Fire or the poetry of Langston Hughes?

Referring back to Langston Hugh’s poem, he was kneeling trying to find a sense of belonging to his race and the whole black minorities. In the Negro speaks of the river, he retraces back to the ancient homeland of the Black race, the Congo river that flows through their blood which provides belonging for the minority. He sometimes also wonders whether his belongings in the United States as sometimes black people can be treated as outsiders. However, there is a belonging established in his mind which makes him feel secure and warm.

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